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Tuesday February 24, 2015
175 Harbord St,
Toronto, M5S 1H3

$33.00 for 1 class(es)

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  • Tuesday February 24, 2015: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Dating websites are an incredible way to expand your options for love and sex... as long as you know how to navigate them. Discover how smartphones, texting and Google have changed the way modern singles find the one that they want.

Relationship expert CoCo La Creme will help you choose a site, craft a profile and make the date! Internet enabled device required. All are welcome.




Good For Her

Founder Carlyle Jansen got her start when she gave an impromptu sex toys seminar at her sister's bridal shower-a United Church Minister-in 1995. Carlyle had just recently learned how to orgasm and her sister's friends were so thrilled with Carlyle's ease in sharing her knowledge that they requested more workshops. Over time doing workshops at the YMCA, women said that they wanted a comfortable place where they could purchase the toys Carlyle was speaking about, and they wanted more workshops. Thus Good For Her was born. We've been around for over 16 years now, and Good For Her still strives to carry the highest quality products that celebrate women's sexuality. We also offer numerous workshops taught by both local and international experts, including Carlyle. We believe that there is nothing shameful about an open, honest dialogue about sex and sexuality. Everyone deserves to explore their own sexuality in a safe and comfortable environment, and we hope that Good For Her can help facilitate that in your own life.

Founder, Sex Educator, Coach

Good For Her
» May 1997 — Present


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Good For Her

175 Harbord St

Toronto, M5S 1H3



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